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I'm [personal profile] subluxate, better known as Kelly, one of your friendly local mods. I was on LJ beginning in 2002, and I started modding there in about 2005. Most communities I've run have been fanfiction-related; it's nice to jump into modding an original fiction community.

My personal goal around here is to write a lot and to have fun, and I want you to all do the same. I like a community of creative people to have continuing freedom to stay creative; to that end, if there's anything I can do to increase that freedom or to encourage creativity, please do let me know.

A bit about me: I'm 26, I'm married to [personal profile] geena, and [personal profile] sarcasticsra officiated the ceremony. My preferred pronoun is "they". I think I'm a fair mod; if my temper rises, I step back until I've cooled down, and I try to check in with other mods when discussing a problem with a member. I think that's one of the best ways to keep a community running well.

I value a community actually being a community. I want everyone to feel welcome here. I'm aware that smaller groups tend to form if communities get large, but I don't think it's cliquish, just a natural evolution of the community.

If there are any problems at all, feel absolutely free to PM me. You can also catch me on AIM at subluxating; I'm not always on it, but it should give me any messages you send if I'm offline. Still, a PM is your best bet, as I'll generally see it sooner than an offline IM.

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